Islamabad’s Pakistan Stock Exchange Reaches New Milestones

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has seen a major surge in its market capitalization over the past few years. The exchange has reached new milestones and is now the third-largest stock exchange in South Asia.

The PSX has been a major success story for the country, having seen its market capitalization grow from Rs. 2.4 trillion in 2016 to Rs. 8.5 trillion in 2019. This growth has been driven by increased foreign investment, as well as the rise of new companies and sectors.

The PSX is home to over 700 listed companies, with a wide range of sectors represented. These include banking, oil and gas, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and technology.

In addition to the impressive growth in market capitalization, the PSX has also seen a rise in trading volumes. In 2019, the exchange saw over 4.7 billion shares traded, up from 4.1 billion in 2018. This is a testament to the increasing confidence in the Pakistani market and its potential for growth.

The success of the PSX is a reflection of the country’s overall economic growth. Pakistan has seen a steady increase in foreign direct investment and is now ranked as the world’s 24th-largest economy.

The PSX is also a major source of employment, with over 8,000 people employed in the stock exchange. This includes traders, brokers, analysts, and other professionals.

The success of the PSX is a testament to the country’s commitment to economic growth and development. It is a sign of the increasing confidence in the Pakistani market and its potential for growth. The exchange is well-positioned to continue its growth and reach even greater heights.

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